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There is no better way of maximising the value of residential property than building a duplex home on it. Creating two units in a single slot means you make use of every inch of your land and make it a source of a better income. Given the property prices in Sydney, doing this is undoubtedly a great idea, especially in the older suburban areas. However, duplexes can be tricky to pull off, so you need My Projects Sydney, a company that understands its intricacies and can get your project approved in no time.

Why Build One When You Can Build Two

There could be a thousand reasons why someone would want to build a duplex. However, whenever someone asks us why we love to respond with “why not”? Duplexes are an amazing opportunity that almost any property owner can use to create two homes instead of one. Unless you have a large enough family to create a cricket team, using your property to build a second home on half of it is a worthwhile decision. Of course, you can also build one on top of the other, like an apartment, which is even more effective.

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Use Your Space Effectively

Whether you are building side by side or one unit on top of the other, we can help you by providing designs that meet your unique requirements while staying compliant with city regulations. You want to make sure that each part of the duplex meets all your needs, be it to live in yourself or to give away on rent. We have the requisite experience to ensure that your property feels like a complete and spacious home, even at half the size.

No Compromise on Quality

Just because you are building two properties in the space of one does not mean you have to make it any less beautiful and high quality. Our team can create wonderful designs that meet your requirements and make the property look unique. We put special emphasis on safety and structural integrity is something we do not compromise on. This is especially important if you want to go for a stacked-style duplex. We make sure that the property meets all the regulations involved while keeping the property just as stylish and modern as any other typical home.

Take Complete Advantage of Your Land

Whether you want to use the property for yourself or rent out half of it, we create the perfect design that maximises space utilisation and makes it possible for you to charge premium rent from tenants.

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Reach out to us right away if you want to make your property more valuable and land tenants that are willing to pay top dollar for your property. We will turn your home into an investment of a lifetime!

Zak and the My Projects team are great to work with, professional in conduction, efficient from all points of view, and excellent at problem solving and dealing with any issues that arise. Their quality has proven superior against other company’s completed work, which saves costs down the track. I would recommend My Projects Sydney to any operator in the retail business

Owner Jackie’s Shoe Repair, St Ives

I really have to commend My Projects Sydney. They have been absolutely wonderful to work with! Zak has been extremely helpful in all aspects; designs, suggestions, explanations, and working with our budget. I know that Zak has gone above and beyond to make us happy.

Alex & Charlie

Zak of My Projects Sydney was recommended to us by a friend. He listened to our needs and design ideas and worked with us, offering advice where we needed it. His attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is evident in the finished kitchen. We received prompt after installation service and our kitchen renovation experience was very pleasant indeed. Thank you Zak and the team at My Projects Sydney we love our new kitchen.

Steven & Sophia