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You may be feeling excited about owning a prime piece of property, but it is only worth the expense if you can make something good on it. You may have a beautiful picture in your mind, but you cannot turn it into reality without an experienced construction company. My Projects Sydney can prove to be that crucial link between your dream and your new luxury home.

Our team of innovators and forward-thinkers can provide you with the solutions you need to create your dream home and do so in a way that meets all your requirements as well.

What makes our services unique is our building process that takes on the “measure twice cut once” policy. To make sure nothing goes wrong, we have a systemic approach to building new luxury homes. Here is how each step of the process goes whenever we take on a new luxury project.

Castle Hill
Castle Hill
Castle Hill
Castle Hill
Consultation Phase

We start off by holding multiple meetings with each client to find out exactly what they want to build. This also allows us to figure out how complicated a project is and what standards will need to be implemented to meet quality requirements. We create a personalised strategy for each luxury new build and this stage of our process plays a key role in making sure we are fully aligned with our customers.

Planning Phase

Once we have all the information we need to envision your new luxury home, we use it to develop a quantifiable plan that involves key milestones. We make sure everything is tied together properly and finish the project in the least possible time without compromising on the quality. We also engage our customers to give their feedback on the plan and incorporate it before finalising the plan.

Execution Phase

This is the most important part of the process as everything we have envisioned will finally become a reality. To make sure everything is exactly how you imagined it, we share frequent reports on the progress of the project and get feedback on every critical stage before finalising it. Validation at each stage is important for us as we want to make sure that quality is not compromised in any way during the building process.

Segmented Delivery

Instead of working on an entire project and then assessing it at the end, we focus on creating small blocks and evaluating them as we move along. It is almost impossible to change things once the entire project is complete, so we divide the process into quantifiable chunks that can be modified if needed to meet client expectations and our quality SOPs. This also allows us to introduce new pieces where possible to meet requirements that may not have been present in the beginning.

Let Us Build Your Dream

Do not let your new luxury home fall prey to amateurs and let our team of professional developers help you out. We create homes that are unique, beautiful, safe, and compliant with all regulations. Contact us right away to get started.

Zak and the My Projects team are great to work with, professional in conduction, efficient from all points of view, and excellent at problem solving and dealing with any issues that arise. Their quality has proven superior against other company’s completed work, which saves costs down the track. I would recommend My Projects Sydney to any operator in the retail business

Owner Jackie’s Shoe Repair, St Ives

I really have to commend My Projects Sydney. They have been absolutely wonderful to work with! Zak has been extremely helpful in all aspects; designs, suggestions, explanations, and working with our budget. I know that Zak has gone above and beyond to make us happy.

Alex & Charlie

Zak of My Projects Sydney was recommended to us by a friend. He listened to our needs and design ideas and worked with us, offering advice where we needed it. His attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is evident in the finished kitchen. We received prompt after installation service and our kitchen renovation experience was very pleasant indeed. Thank you Zak and the team at My Projects Sydney we love our new kitchen.

Steven & Sophia